Marcelo Terrato

Marcelo Cain Terrato, or as his friends and customers know him, “Mac” was born into the art of butchery. His family, a long, long, long line of meatmen, originated in Strasbourg, France, have been carving up animals dating back into the dark ages. The Terrato family line is mixed with Spaniards, Germans, Italians and French, much like the Alsatian region they come from. Marcelo is a first generation American, being born after his father Bismarck Mitolo moved the family to the American Midwest and opened the BM Butcher Shop.

Marcelo grew up in the shop learning his father’s craftsmanship all while developing a passion for the fine art of butchering. As Marcelo learned knife skills, his creative juices fueled by a love of fantasy and fiction, began to reach new level. Suddenly his unique cuts were becoming all the rage at their shop and people were driving from miles around to learn about and taste new cuts of beef, pork, chicken, sheep and fish.

But it wasn’t enough for young Mac just to chop the same ribs every day, he wanted more challenges and to find new meats. Marcelo started to source harder to find meats like venison, elk, ostrich and anything else he could get into the shop. The BM Butcher shop had become somewhat of a local legend as well as a destination for curious eaters.

Proud of his son’s accomplishments, in Terrato family tradition, Bismarck passed the shop onto Mac, re-naming it as it is now, the MC Butcher Shop. Marcelo took this family gift to hear and was on his way to building a butcher shop like none other. He had a very simple customer policy, “you desire them, we dice them.” Soon stranger cuts and animals showed up like Phoenix, Mermen, Sea Serpents and more. Marcelo’s curiosity knew no bounds.

While the sign outside still reads “MC Butcher Shop,” named after Marcelo Cain, most folks have taken to calling it the “Mythical Creature Butcher Shop.” It’s open today while you will see all the cuts you can imagine from cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and the like, they will be right there in the display case next to ground Werewolf for burgers, Unicorn Horns for marrow and charred neck of Dragon for chili.

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Mythical Creature Butcher Shop